Kangaroo cake is inspired by the Canadian community kangaroo. Bring good luck to users. Now it's the turn of the kangaroo cake, which brings you a lot of wealth from the lucky cake income. 

Come and join kangaroo's community and start accumulating wealth from its wealth cake!

Contract address

Listing & Partners


What is the

Kangaroo Cake

Kangaroo is distributing a lot of lucky cakes to his followers! To view the contents of kangaroo cake:
15% of the handling fee for each transaction is used to distribute:
Marketing wallet 7%
Liquidity 1%
Dividend cake 7%

How do I Claim my CAKE?

— Buy Kangaroo Cake.
— Hold kangaroo cake for more than one hour.
— Wait for the cake to be automatically distributed to everyone.

Kangaroo cake every 1 hour  

Make an allocation

Since the release of our kangaroo cake, every user who buys in will participate in the distribution mechanism. As long as you have kangaroo cake in your wallet, you can get it!

Warm tip: each holder's bonus cake is distributed in proportion. As long as you own it, you can get it. Join us!

Cake Bank

Now you can use kangaroo tokens to earn real passive income. Kangaroo cake gives you a real chance to earn cake tokens every day.
When purchasing our kangaroo cake, 7% of the kangaroo token will be deducted from each transaction to enter the storage space.
After 1 hour, you will automatically receive a cake token bonus. The more kangaroo cakes you hold, the more cake tokens you will get!

Creative Team

kangaroo Cake's team is globally located, from the main developers up to the marketing team. We believe that TRANSPARENCY is the KEY to a great community, so we will keep you informed at every stage of the company’s growth!

kangaroo Cake Tokenomics

Total Supply,
Token Distribution:




Initial Phase

🍰 Website Launch ✅

🍰 Whitepaper Release ✅

🍰 Code audit (ongoing) ✅

🍰 Exchange Listing ✅ (Pancakeswap in progress )

🍰 Full Marketing Push and Community
Shilling ✅ (ongoing)

🍰 5000 Telegram Members  ✅

🍰 High budget poocoin advertising redait twitter promotion (ongoing)⏳

Q9 2021
Q10 2021

Commercial Phase

🍰 Token naming plan

🍰 New pass economy, completely innovative agreement

🍰 White list pre-sale (in progress)

🍰 Third party audit

🍰 Token trading in pancakeswap

Adoption Phase

🍰 Marketing live in communication awareness

🍰 Listing of coingecke (planned)

🍰 Listing of coingecketcap (planned)

🍰 Twitter fan 50K (in progress)

🍰 10000 Telegram Members

🍰 Emoticon development


Summit Phase

🍰 Kangaroo cake foundation formed

🍰 Celebrity promotion

🍰 50000 users of kangaroo cake

🍰 50000 Telegram Members

🍰 Large institutions and companies, more partnerships

Download the MetaMask
Chrome Extension or use Trust Wallet.


Setup your account &
add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list.


Purchase BNB and send it over to
your MetaMask / Trust Wallet Address. If you already have BNB, simply send it to your MetaMask Wallet.


Head over to the Pancakeswap Exchange and swap your BNB for $KCAKE. If you already hold another token, you can swap that directly for $KCAKE


4 steps to buy kangaroo Cake


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